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We understand the reservations you may have and have created systems to help break the cycle! 

We have all experienced: 

- Fear of failure 

- Previous failed attempts 

- Insecurities about going to the gym 

- Overwhelmed by the process 

We take the time to get to know you so we can work with your schedule vs against it. We pride ourselves on the relationships we are able to build with our clients throughout this process to ensure your success. 

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After you have received your individualized programming, your coach will explain the check in process. Check-in's allow us to monitor progress and make adjustments to keep you progressing every single week.

Check-ins will be done at your coaches discretion, but it will at least be once a week. This is determined by your individual needs. You will have access to your coach anytime, via our app, for questions between check-ins, and will never feel like you are in the process alone. We take pride in the relationships we build with our clients and want to give you every tool for success. 

We have many tools to help monitor progress, and will work with you on the best ones for you specifically. This may include or exclude a weight log, photos, measurements, and biofeedback on variables like strength and hunger. 

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