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Hey guys! My name is Loyane Santis and I am a graduate from Georgia State University with my Bachelors in Neuroscience and Chemistry. I am currently on track to graduate from Gannon University with my Doctorate in Physical therapy in two years. 

I always knew I wanted a job that had something to do with anatomy. So my first pursuit was medical school; however, I quickly realized that I would not be able to have time to do what I truly love if I took that path. I knew I loved training and I saw so many people develop injuries which pushed me to learn about training smarter. During college, I developed a deep love for training/working out and nutrition which led me to where I am now. 

I started my fitness journey playing volleyball about 12 years ago. Although my love for volleyball never went away, my focus shifted into the weight room and that is where bodybuilding caught my eye. While doing my first few bodybuilding shows, I developed an eating disorder. It took some time but I finally started having a great relationship with food. This motivated me to want to help those that struggle with nutrition! I went from being just an athlete to now a coach helping people reach their goals through fitness and nutrition.

I love to teach healthier lifestyle choices that fits each client’s personal lifestyle so it is easier for them to stay consistent, and actually ENJOY the process! Because I promise you, it does NOT have to be as hard as you imagine. Your physical/ mental health and your goals are my priority and I am here as a guide to give you all the tools to help you reach those goals!

Loyane Santis: About
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