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Hey! My name is Bryanna Pedraza. I am currently continuing my education at the University of North Georgia. I have always been into fitness and the gym, but never really put my all until the past couple of years. I am currently body builder training to compete this year! It has always been a dream, but I finally put it into play. I have always wanted to Coach and train others because to me it is way more than the physical aspect. Yes I love results, but I love helping individuals find and building confidence in and outside of the gym. I cannot explain or put into words the feeling of helping someone learn and grow. 

I feel that there are so many individuals that are uneducated and do not know where to begin, so they don’t. My job is to help you. I want to guide you through this and push you. This is more than just physically. Coaching not only allows me to help push and reach those physical goals, but also mentally. More than just your physique improving, but creating a mindset that is truly limitless. We never stop growing and learning. Let’s do this. Let’s push your goals. Let’s reach some lifetime goals together! 

I am beyond excited to Coach and be a part of helping you reach your goals. You got this!

Bryanna Pedraza: About
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